The Ashaź is the only simulant in the world that employs a true lab created diamond surface (pure carbon diamond bonds) in its creation.
These microscopic man-made diamond crystals are infused into the Ashaź crystal through the Amorphous Diamond Treatment(ADT) process to give Asha a lab-created diamond infused upper layer that is both simulant and man-made diamond crystal.
Because the Asha contains actual lab diamond carbon bonds on its surface,the result is a diamond simulant that is at last able to truly mimic the light play, lustre and beauty of natural diamond but at lab-made diamond simulant pricing.
Asha is hand-cut to precision and grades better in every aspect of the GIA diamond grading scale than most 99.9% of diamonds (F-G color, Flawless in clarity, Cut to ideal proportions, and scores excellent in Polish and Symmetry).

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